Not everything happens online.

The journey beyond the product.


sCoolMakers is the first kids marketplace to exchange used stuff.


We simply don’t think like kids, thankfully. Since the beginning we have a co-creation approach, organizing test clubs to gather all sorts of insights from the users and develop a tool they would really like to use. One of the first features we implemented was a on-boarding process.


To turn the process into a more playful and interactive moment, we designed a board game that adds an offline element to the experience. Yes, interaction not only happens online! It was a huge success, increasing considerably the kids engagement.


Play, create, share and change.

The on-boarding process was designed to show a limited version of the kid’s space (store), reducing its elements to the three mandatory steps involving the setting of the space: name, banner and 1st product.

After they’re done, the whole application unlocks and kids can start making friends and exchanging.